Massage Therapy.
Somatics for Pain Relief.
Aromatherapy. Energy Work.

Psychotherapy and More.


Our philosophy is simple: we are here to serve and inspire.

Our community of wellness professionals offers an array of services from massage to holistic mind-body therapies. Every aspect of Wellspring is dedicated to helping you
reach your fullest potential through relaxation, revitalization and personal growth.


​Our intention is for this collective to be a place of sanctuary where clients, students, healers, teachers and other professionals work together toward individual and
collective well-being.

Wellspring is owned and operated by Sue Rexford and Lynda Rountree, two trusted, and well-established health practitioners who have cared for Maplewood, South Orange and the surrounding townships’ families for many years.

Appointments necessary and always available: 973.996.2012

Owners Sue Rexford and Lynda Rountree