Cheryl Chapman, RN, HN-BC, NCTMB, LMT



Cheryl Chapman is a pioneer in massage for Cancer and Mastectomy. An RN since 1965, certified in massage in 1988, she combined her extensive nursing experience of 23 years as an Oncology nurse, Hospice, HIV/AIDS, Cardiac and PostPartum nurse with her wide-ranging knowledge of massage, and she produced a comprehensive hands-on training program. Cheryl studied Chinese medicine & massage in NY and China. In 1999 Cheryl became Holistic Nurse Certified (HNC), which further enriched her program. Director of Professional Massage Therapy Associates, specializing in massage for Cancer, Mastectomy, Breast surgeries, Cardio, Hospice, Pre/Post Natal, Infant and Baby instruction, Geriatrics and Relaxation Massage.


Herbal Touch is a blend of fresh, high-quality herbs, formulated to soothe radiation burns, treat radiation dermatitis and help protect your skin against future damage. It's boosted with skin-nourishing extracts naturally derived from the arnica, st. johns wort, calendula and comfrey plants. For years, women have relied on this product to provide relief from bruising, itching, scarring and swelling post mastectomy or breast cancer surgery.

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